Style Guide

Flaunt your first impression by matching your shoes with the right bag as you will never get a second chance. Remember even the best of products in the world lose their charm if not worn smartly. But we at 'The Alternate' will help you by providing a style guide to get the best out of you. 

Bling bling!

Fashion is something that you buy, but style is something that you do with it. The regular cloth bow ties are too mainstream, aren't they? why not experiment and make your own statement. Our 'Gold triangular print bow tie' is crafted vigilantly to make your formal wear outrageous. Definitely an eye-catcher.

Wearing it with a double breasted checkered suit will give your attire a bold high. It's time to ditch your stern approach towards styling while making way for a revolutionary trend. Not for the faint-hearted. Buy this here

Dare to be different!

Trends don't sub exist, they are created. You can buy umpteen amount of fashion accessories but all that matters is what you make out of it. Hexagon bow ties are edge cutting trends, offering a varied look to your collection.

From flaring an evening cocktail look to an enormous party look. However, pairing it with a sharp black shirt in just invincible. Buy this here.

Casual yet sharp!

You surely want to give your best on your first impression to people who you want to create an impact on. That does not necessarily have to revolve around formal suits, a casual blue blazer teamed up with beige trousers and white shirt can rock your look.

Accessorize it by adding our 'Genoa denim slip-ons' to give your casual yet sharp look a good high. Elegance is not something you inherit, it's something you develop. So get yours! Get them here.

Simple yet elegant!

The correct shirt selection can add character and individuality to your personality, a crisp white shirt tops the list. This bad boy can be literally paired with anything.

You can add a pop of colour by whacking on our 'Dual coloured loafer with tassel' to energize your look. Keep rocking! Get them here

Stay classy!

Planning to go for a wedding or attend a high class business meeting? We got you covered with the look to go for. Whether picking a pair of shoes from a store, or your own wardrobe you need to consider the occasion that you’ll be attending and the rest of your outfit. 

A chalk striped double-breasted suit paired with a white shirt will shower out class from your look. Accessorize it with our 'Sole mate black loafers' to make it complete. 

Get them here.

Formal wear day!

Ever been in a situation where you have tonnes of clothes but don't know how to match them? Shouldn't be a concern now as we are here to sort that out. 

A baby pink shirt clubbed with a formal slim fit blue trouser can make your day. Accessorize it with comfy suspenders and our 'Subtle brown loafer with tassel' to keep your viewers drooling over your look. Get them here

Suit up!

A versatile pair of formal slip-ons is something each man should have in their wardrobe, there will always be an occasion. There are many ways you can dress them down and make it special. We are here to provide you with some tips for the same.

Club our formal 'Brown double monk slip-ons' with a sharp fitted blue suit to uplift your level of elegance. This will be nothing but a joy to the viewer's eye. Get them here.

Walk around like you're bigger than prince!

Sometimes you might be in situations where nothing goes right, every good thing seems bad and vice versa, you start looking at yourself differently, that's when you hold your head high dress up boldly and walk like you are bigger than prince. Your style will make a mark without having to speak. We are here to help you make a mark.

A crisp white shirt along with grey checkered formal trousers and accessorize with our 'Paisley Print Maroon Bow Tie' & 'Sole Mate Black Slip Ons' to get a simple yet significant look.                                 

Bend it like jatinn!

We often tend to overlook certain things from our wardrobe that can actually make a big difference to our stylish look. Minor addition like a Bow-Tie adds a voice to your exterior stylish personality. It’s something that comes in a small package with the joy of making a big difference.

A crisp white casual shirt with a ripped black denim accessorized with our Mosaic Bow Tie can get you sorted for your day look.

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