5 combinations to match your shoes with trouser shades

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For the Light shade lovers. 

To take it light, a mild dip of the color, it definitely throws a subtle vibe on your choice of fashion. “Not white, but something of a lighter shade”. If that’s your sentence, then a dark brown formal shoes will definitely sketch a contrast on your feet. For trousers that rest on your ankle, a flat cut mule is quite a wardrobe choice. Click on the image to view the product.



A Color-mojo.

Are you a color player, looking for a vivid variety in style? Wearing a black fit trouser and looking for a pop choice? Then its definitely a Navy blue formal shoe. For plain black, dark black, faded black, sharp black, this pop blue shade, is for sure a nade. Click on the image to view the product.



Going dark? Don’t forget to embark.

Fan of the darkest shades? Bottle green, Titian, Topaz, Turquoise, Ultramarine and more dark fusions? Then, these Black patent slip-ons, totally complete you for the occasion. For a person looking out for an all shade matching dress shoe, click on the image to add this product to your cart. Click on the image to view the product.


A jewel on your shoe.

A luxury dress shoe, for all your important occasions. These sit on your feet for all shades of trousers. A high heel, keeps you up in style. With an embellished upper finish, this pastel shaded dress shoe is definitely one for the Porsche nights. Click on the image to view the product.


Fringe and tassel combo.

Pull up your beige shades, and look nowhere else, other than these tan woven slip ons. This shade adds to pop your trouser shade out, and is one contrast finisher. Be it meetings or an occasion, this look will never fail to keep you off the hook. Click on the image to view the product.




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