5 best shoes for men

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5 best shoes for men
Putting an end to all confusions, we'd present to you the best pick of shoes that your wardrobe will ever need. A culmination of what we feel will always go with your heel. Here are the five best shoes:
Lace – ups
 A sharp, majestic feel, giving you a “never letting go-off” kinda confidence, is something a lace-up always promises. Although tying up is quite a tedious task, the style and look that it adds to your attire is unavoidable. While starting to set your wardrobe up, lace-ups are of primal importance. 
Pro-tip : A complete formal niche. Smart fit, Tapered pant, lace-up, give yourself a pat.




A stage-up taking your tip toe’s and casual attire, keeping you on the go. Sneakers are a top recommendation for daily wear as their make supports wear and tear use. Expanding the usage, from your jagger moves, till your heavy ground workouts. Topping the comfort and efficiency categories, these shoes are definitely a wardrobe choice. 
 Pro-tip : Trendy crewneck t-shirt, ankle length jeans, sporty sneakers, you’re in for a win.



Style, comfort, fashion, niche, name it and you got it here. Mules meet all the attributes of style and fashion. Pulled off from the fashion books of the 16th century, the Mules go well for a casual look on your Denims. Putting it on and taking it off would take less than 5 seconds altogether. To all the optimists out there, these mules don’t take much of your time. 
Pro-tip : Designer shirt, Denims, and Mules, you’re good to go.



Affixes your walking style and stands on competition with the comfort of lace-ups. It’s an all time debate to choose from the both of these. Slip-ons win it with the ease of wearing it on. For the ones who’re always on the move, these shoes are quite the confidence you need.
Pro-tip :  Trousers, tucked in shirt, and Slip-ons, you’re set to steal the show.



“For all your ankle length pants”. Yes, this is one getaway option, for all the pants which have grown short. Loafers are also a wear and tear option, but most preferred for casual looks. Often used for driving, as it sets your feet for the ABC mechanism. Loafers set your attire on a “semi-formal” occasion as well.  
Pro-tip : Casual shirt, Cotton trouser, designer belt, a pair of loafers. Yes, you can now go slay. 


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