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Leather products are the shizzz

We’re the people who feel weird to hear about ‘Non-Leather Shoes’. “Leather shoes are so comfortable”, “Leather shoes are the best..” and so on. We’ve gotten so used to it, we’ve been tuned to like Leather shoes. Hate to break it to you but, Leather is NOT animal friendly. People, over the years have had the misconception that leather is an animal by-product. IT IS NOT. 

Deception at its best

Firstly, leather often seems to be a material of its own, but it’s not. It is made to look as such, It’s animal skin. The animal whose skin is of need is chosen, the skin is sent into further processes, and further accounted. The skin of a cow alone comes up to 10% of its total value.

It comes back to us

The texture, the look, the feel, Oh so wonderful! Sure?  We’d say deadly. The immediate skin which is peeled off the animal flesh are put in leather tanneries to undergo a process called picking. This picking process helps in making leather soft and with additional user needs, more alterations are made. The waste produced from these tanneries includes highly toxic chemicals, capable of causing leukemia to the people residing in the houses nearby these industries. 

Neither buried nor burnt

In favour of animal skin bags, wallets, shoes, jackets, nearly 2 million cats and dogs are being killed. Not to mention names, but, top brands in the fashion industry hold the lives of animals at stake for their production. For our affinity towards fur products, we make sure that 31 million animals visit the slaughterhouse. But, they don’t make their way back.  

Leave memories, not leather

The leather you buy for your great to the power of 50th grandchildren endures without the slightest sign of decomposition for a thousand years. This is because the chemicals used, helps its durability, while destroying the planet for so many years. See what you’re leaving behind          

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The superior being hunts down the lower organisms for his needs. Can you imagine what a horror story it would be if the roles were reversed? 

Let’s mind our smallest actions for the sake of beings in the bottom of the food chain. To conclude, there are two questions to be asked

Who do all these actions favor? 

And, who are the real animals here? 

The Alternate strives to offer you a taste of change without compromising your style and product aesthetics. Sustainability being its core value, we manufacture accessories for men that does not come at the cost of animal lives. 

You can have a look on our entire footwear collection below.

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