We created The Weekender as a timeless product with a fine regard for detail. This simple, cleanly styled Weekender bag is a superb option on the more minimalist side of the spectrum. Designed in two colours: navy blue and green, they’re sure to sync with your persona.


Alternate Bags
Alternate Bags



Both sophisticated and utilitarian, each Weekender is beautifully structured. Featuring multitudes of storage, all of which are neatly organised, The Weekender is equipped with a compartment for your suit, shoes and everything in-between. Never compromise wherever you go and live life to the fullest.




Driven to provide the everyday traveller with the perfect bags and accessories, our new bag collection has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in your everyday journeys. Each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality. With The Weekender, you’re ready to hit the road and explore!


Alternate Bags
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